The writers and photographers at Better Living Magazine strive to bring you information about products, places and ideas that can make life better.  We believe quality in every aspect of living is usually better than quantity.

  • It’s not about amazing bargains.  More of something you don’t want or need isn’t always the answer to better living.
  • It’s not about getting the most for the cheapest.  It’s about getting the most out of life.
  • It’s not about the fad of the day.  There will be a different one tomorrow.
  • It’s not about finding a better deal than your neighbor.  Open up your mind and go your own way!

Just because I can buy twenty gizmos for a fraction of their cost does not mean I should. Who really needs twenty gizmos anyway?

We enjoy travel to tropical locations on occasion, but we enjoy seeking the ‘path less traveled’ closer to home also.  Living on the eastern coast of the United States offers us an amazing selection of places of interest in and around historic, southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the ‘Jersey Shore’, New York, Delaware and Maryland.  It’s a beautiful part of the country and we enjoy photographing lesser known places and learning more about their history and their hopes for tomorrow.

We do not accept free products or paid reviews of products or places.  We write about the products we’ve used and places we’ve been and we try to be 100% objective in the ideas we share with our readers.  For the most part, we try to share what we know, not what we think.

We are not experts on anything.  We are the Barefoot Writer and the Casual Photographer.  Outgoing links to products or places are generally affiliate links.  That means if you purchase something you find after clicking on a link in Better Living Magazine, we may earn a commission on that sale.  That’s how this site earns money to pay the rent.

Live Better, Be Well, Be Happy, Be Content!