Race Street Pier Philadelphia Waterfront

Race Street Pier PhiladelphiaRace Street Pier

Sheltered beneath the hustle and bustle that crosses the Ben Franklin Bridge, The Race Street Pier, which is part of the Delaware River Water Front, is a tiny oasis of a park with an urban flair.

As surely as Spring brings budding trees you’ll find both young and old who come to the Race Street Pier to spread a blanket and soak up the sun, enjoy a leisurely lunch on a park bench, check email and browse the Internet or stop for a few minutes to enjoy the boats on the Delaware River.
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What You Can Do on Race Street Pier

  • Enjoy free WiFi
  • Enjoy your picnic (plenty of trash containers for clean up)
  • Spread a blanket, read a book
  • Weddings, family gatherings with permit
  • Alcohol only with permit
  • Commercial gatherings only with permit

What You Can’t Do on Race Street Pier

  • Ride bikes, skateboards, scooters or other recreational vehicles
  • Sit, climb or stand on railings or gardens
  • Fishing
  • Large gatherings, personal or commercial without permit
  • Feed wildlife
  • Walk pets unleashed

No More Duck Boats at Race Street Pier

For many years, Race Street Pier was the launching point for the Duck Boat Tours in Philadelphia, but sadly, they have been discontinued.

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Any Time of Year on Race Street Pier

Race Street & Columbus Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Open 7 AM til 11 PM

Admission: Free
Metered, street parking
– Bring quarters!
For more information about the pier and more exciting plans for the Delaware River Water Front go to www.delawareriverwaterfront.com

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