Latex Free Elastic Resistance Bands For Exercise or Therapy

Latex Resistance Bands and Latex Free Resistance Bands for a Better Workout

Is latex right for you?  Have you tried Latex Free Elastic Resistance Bands? (affiliate link)

Are you:

  • Looking to shed a few pounds after the holidays?
  • Looking for your beach body?
  • Tired of pounding away at your joints?
  • Tired of the gym routine?
  • Tired of the gym fees?
  • Looking to strengthen and stretch all over?
  • Looking for an easier workout with better benefits?
  • Looking to enhance your workout and your body?

Latex Free Elastic Resistance Bands could be just what you’re looking for!  Try an inexpensive alternative to your daily workout. Start working out where ever you want without the expense, the time or the pain of a daily gym routine.

Make sit-ups easier but more effective; enhance the effectiveness of your push-ups; increase range of motion; pin point target areas for increasing strength, muscle development, balance, agility and coordination; reduce unwanted stress on joints

Latex Free Elastic Resistance Bands (affiliate link) can provide either a full body workout or targeted training for the beginner, those in need of increasing range of motion or flexibility in physical therapy or the experienced trainer interested in enhancing their current routine.  Resistance training or rehabilitation with both positive and negative force on muscles and joints is easily maintained in the comfort of your home, at your pace with very little cost or training.

Most elastic bands are sold in a series of color coded strengths with each color providing a different level of resistance.  As you progress in training and development, you advance to the next color.

Many brands are available in latex but if you have a sensitivity or allergy to latex there are  brands offering both latex and latex free bands.

What Are Latex Free Elastic Resistance Bands

Elastic resistance bands are an affordable and flexible alternative to weight training or a supplement to strength training.  The bands are sold in single pieces or in bulk supplies that can be trimmed to individual needs.  Elastic bands come in different weights, from a very light level of resistance to heavier resistance.  The heavier the resistance, the harder the workout.  Most manufacturers use a color system to easily identify the strength of the bands.

For Rehabilitation and Strength Training

Resistance bands are frequently used in physical therapy programs to gradually strengthen and rehabilitate muscles and joints.  Resistance therapy can increase strength, mobility and function, and  aid in reducing joint pain.  A well planned program recommended by a doctor and supervised by a physical therapist usually begins with consistent use of lighter weight bands, gradually increasing to heavier weight bands as the patient progresses.

Part of Your Daily Workout Including Pilates

Resistance bands can easily replace ordinary sit-ups and push-ups and are essential to any Pilates workout.  Varying strengths of resistance bands along with an extra long floor mat can make workouts more enjoyable and more effective.

An Alternative to Weight Training

Simple to use latex bands help build and tone muscles through positive and negative force on muscles and joints without the damage that can come from dumbbells and heavier weights. Without the cost and inconvenience of heavy duty gym equipment you can get an excellent workout with similar benefits as you would with regular weight training.

Benefits of Latex Free Elastic Resistance Bands

  • Improve posture, balance and agility with focused routines
  • Increase range of motion, flexibility and coordination
  • Increase strength and power as you strengthen muscles without stressing joints
  • Decrease pain by taking pressure off joints as muscles take over
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness and decrease blood pressure with consistent workouts
  • Eliminate expensive equipment and gym fees
  • Progress in strength training or physical therapy at your own rate with proper use of color coded bands
  • Use recommended programs or design your own
  • Custom cut all bands to suit your needs and body size

Not sure how to incorporate resistance bands into your workout? Click these links for brief videos:

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