Mr. Coffee Scoop – How Much Coffee

What Ever Happened to The Mr. Coffee Scoop?

There was a time when a new Mr. Coffee   (affiliate link) coffee maker meant you also got a Mr. Coffee Scoop (affiliate link) to measure your coffee grounds.  One scoop of coffee grounds for every two cups of coffee on the Glass Carafe (affiliate link) was the recommended measurement.  And it was good – good coffee.

The Mr. Coffee scoop holds 1/8 cup of coffee grounds – 1/8 cup of coffee grounds for 2 cups of coffee in my Mr. Coffee coffee maker.

When I purchased my first Mr. Coffee in the mid 1970’s I was excited to try something, anything other than the horrible old percolator that was the standard in brewing coffee.  As the chances of actually making an enjoyable cup of coffee were slim, I’m baffled as to how coffee has maintained its popularity at all.

Coffee has certainly matured in this century.  No longer accepting the automatic drip coffee maker as the standard for coffee brewing, coffee drinkers are enamored with coffee house and convenience store brews on the road and single serving brewers at home.

How To Measure Coffee

With the purchase of my first Mr. Coffee almost 40 years ago I received a measuring scoop along with the carafe and the brewer.  It made great coffee; it was easy; there was no doubt about how much coffee to use as my measuring scoop was the perfect match for the measurements on my carafe.

Me and Mr. Coffee – we were happy.

And then he broke.  Devastated, I quickly searched out a new Mr. Coffee maker and took it home, unpacked it and set it up in the vacancy on my kitchen counter.  It wasn’t until I prepared to make my first pot of coffee that I realized there was no coffee scoop included with my new coffee maker.

I ransacked the packaging, pulling out every piece of wrapping, pulled open the cardboard in case I missed a hiding space for the coffee scoop.

No scoop.

I pulled out the instructions and looked for a list of package contents: carafe, lid, filter holder, coffee brewer – no scoop.

How Much Coffee in Mr. Coffee Scoop

I’ve had three Mr. Coffee makers since my first one and still, no scoop, only ‘suggested measurements’.  The scoop was perfect, the perfect measurement – the perfect scoop!  I never knew how much coffee I was using to make the perfect cup of coffee, I just trusted the scoop.

Thankfully, I still have my original Mr. Coffee scoop from sometime in the 1970’s and it is still the perfect scoop.  It’s my scoop and I’m not sharing but I will tell you this:

The Mr. Coffee scoop holds 1/8 cup of coffee grounds – 1/8 cup of coffee grounds for 2 cups of coffee in my Mr. Coffee coffee maker.

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