I Only Have a Kitchen Because it Came With the House

Inside of this Monday to Friday office clerk is a gourmet cook just waiting for the weekend! What’s best about my kitchen? It’s not the cabinets or the appliances all of which are terribly old and out dated. The best part of my kitchen has always been the people who gather there.

When we were married without children, the kitchen was where we shared Sunday dinners with the best of friends. Once the children came along, the kitchen had to be bigger because we ate there and we played there. We enjoyed board games, coloring Easter Eggs, and many a birthday celebration. We also did a lot of homework!

Now that my children are grown, it’s my grandchildren who have taken their place.  Monday to Friday my kitchen is clean, organized and almost sterile looking.  But when the weekend brings grandchildren with the happy faces and sticky hands, the kitchen is open and serving whatever their tummies desire!

So, enjoy our humor as we share it on mugs, magnets and aprons from Better Living Magazine Designs on Zazzle – or design your own where your imagination is your only limitation!

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