Gluten Free Buckwheat

Flat FeelingEat Gluten Free Buckwheat

Maintaining a healthy, gluten free diet does not have to leave you with a hungry, flat feeling.

Buckwheat  (affiliate link) has been a food staple all over the world for centuries and contains substances that have been attributed to cancer prevention, fighting heart disease and help in controlling blood sugar for diabetics.

Buckwheat, also known as kasha (affiliate link) is one of the healthiest grains known and can be an excellent choice to add to the gluten free diet in the case of Celiac’s Disease.

Buckwheat for Dieting

Buckwheat can be a big help in diet control. Because it is absorbed more slowly than other grains, it leaves you feeling fuller longer. This makes it easier to eat less and help control your weight.

But perhaps one of the most exciting uses for buckwheat is in the preparation of gluten free recipes. (affiliate link) If you have a sensitivity to gluten or have been diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease, finding new ways to prepare gluten free foods can be a daunting task.

Tips for Using Buckwheat

  • Prepare the buckwheat before adding to recipes. Unlike grains like rice and wheat, buckwheat is lacking gluten which is the glue-like protein that holds the grains together when cooked. In order to use buckwheat in recipes, you will want to pre-cook it.
  • After washing and draining the water, put the buckwheat in a hot skillet and toss it gently for about 5 minutes. The outer skin strengthens and expands which is what helps it stay intact.
  • If you’re using the roasted form of buckwheat which is known as kasha, mix it with an egg white before adding it to the pan. The egg white will help keep the buckwheat firm.
  • Transfer the buckwheat to a saucepan of boiling water, 2 cups of water to each cup of buckwheat. This will seal the outside surface of the buckwheat and help keep its shape.
  • Simmer for about 15 minutes until all the water is absorbed and the buckwheat is tender.
  • Grind the buckwheat into flour to make your own bread or muffins and pancakes. Grinding your own flour may seem extreme but table top grain mills are available and reasonably priced. It could make all the difference in expanding your culinary skills!
  • Buckwheat also makes an excellent side dish that can easily replace rice or other gluten based products. Experiment with recipes like Kasha Pilaf which can also be added to vegetables for a great stir fry meal.

Maintaining a healthy, gluten free diet does not have to leave you with a hungry, flat feeling.

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