How to Remove Skin Before Cooking Salmon Filet

How to Remove Skin Before Cooking Salmon

Not all grocers remove the skin of the salmon fillet before they sell it.  You can cook salmon with or without the skin or scales but, if you prefer your fish without the skin here’s an easy way to remove it.

How To Remove Fish Skin Without Cutting

  • Lightly spray a frying pan with an olive oil spray.
  • Heat the pan to a medium high heat.
  • Place the fish fillet skin side down in the hot pan. The skin will immediately pull back from the sides.
  • Let the fillet cook undisturbed for about one minute – no more.

Carefully lift the fillet with a spatula and lay it skin side up on a plate. You should be able to lift the skin in one piece with a knife or fork and just whisk it away, scales and all! Now you can go ahead and cook a great salmon fillet for a tasty and healthy meal!

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