Flower Arranging Tips For Home and Office

Flower Arranging For Fun

Alstroemeria in Green VaseThere is nothing has mood lifting and room enhancing as a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Even if it’s a handful of dandelions given to me by a child, I love the smell, the feel and the sight of fresh flowers. If I never received any other type of gift, fresh flowers would be perfect and flower arranging is easy and relaxing. Brighten your home or office with inexpensive, fresh cut flowers (affiliate link)  you can arrange yourself!

Flower arranging isn’t difficult and does not have to be expensive. You can take a $5.00 bouquet of flowers from you local grocer and turn them into the bright part of anyone’s week.  Adding inexpensive fillers such as Baby’s Breath, Yellow Asters or ferns can turn a simple flower arrangement into a spectacular display that may last for weeks with very little maintenance.

Alstroemeria  is frequently found at local grocery stores and can stay fresh for as long as three weeks. It has delicate star bust flowers with long narrow leaves on a thick green stem. Alstroemeria will last a full two weeks in a vase with fresh water and indirect sunlight. This hardy flower grows in a rainbow of colors and looks fantastic any time of year.  It brightens up any décor when filled with Baby’s Breath or similar fillers.

Tips for Home Flower Displays

Regardless of the size of your bouquet of fresh flowers, snip off the bottom of the stems with sharp scissors.  This makes the flowers absorb moisture better to make them last longer.

Use a flower arranging frog (affiliate link)  or easy arranger tools to make stems stand and arrange easier.

To measure flowers for the correct height, set your container on a flat surface close to the edge.  Stand the flowers upright next to the container but away from the edge of the flat surface.  Move the flowers up or down until the height looks right as they stand next to the container.  Cut the excess flower stems hanging below the flat surface.

Remove any leaves that will rest below the water level in your vase.  It will prevent your water from degrading and shortening the life of your flower display.

If using a clear glass vase and you want to hide the stems, put a few thick lemon or lime slices between the vase and the stems.  The fruit hides the stems while providing such a happy, fresh look to enhance your display.

Another way to make a clear glass vase a designer vase is to cut a piece of ribbon that compliments your flower arrangement and wrap it around the outside of the vase, securing it with a drop of glue from a hot glue gun.  This is easy enough to change with the seasons as well as your flowers.

Flowers on a balcony or covered patio can last for weeks if kept out of direct sun.  Always use a non-breakable container in case of high winds or active children or pets.

Change the water in your vase at least every two days to keep your flower arrangement fresher longer.

If you shop every week for groceries, give up a snack or two and use the extra few dollars to buy yourself some fresh flowers.  You’ll enjoy experimenting with the flower arranging and you’ll feel so happy when those beautiful buds greet you in the morning!

Flower Arranging Makes You Feel Good!

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