What Happens at Grammy and Pop Pop’s House Stays at Grammy and Pop Pop’s House

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Sleep Over at Grammy’s

The minute they scamper into my home, the fun begins – weekend at Grammy and Pop Pop’s house!  My greatest joy since my last child graduated college and moved on to make their own life has been sharing the wonder and growth of my children’s children with my spouse.  It really is the most intensely wonderful feeling to be a grandparent.

I had no idea what to expect of myself as a grandparent.  My granddaughter was born prematurely and 3,000 miles away but that didn’t stop me from being able hold her the very next day.  She was born on my birthday, the best birthday present I ever received.  Twelve years and four grandchildren later, Grammy and Pop Pop’s house has become an adventure, the place to go for walks around the block, waiting for trains on park benches, adding to Pop Pop’s stick collection, sitting at the counter while watching Grammy cook dinner and of course, toys, lots of toys.

Our investment in a pack and play, high chair, Mickey Mouse table and chairs and knowing how to find every Disney movie ever made has been a big part of making memories that we hope our grandchildren will cherish as much a we do.  Every night, every sleep over there’s a special time with Mr. Turtle who shines stars onto the ceiling and the walls and we all point and whisper, “There’s the moon!”

Enjoy a Little Humor

I hope our picture has given you a smile today and maybe brought back a few happy memories of your childhood or of your grandchildren.  Sometimes a grandparent can be as important to a child as a parent.  With our changing lifestyles and caregivers, anyone can find themselves being a very special person when they least expect it.  Cherish and nourish those relationships.  They are priceless! 


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