Realistic Robotic Cat for Children Adults and Therapy Pet

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Emotional Support Pets For Fun, Love or Therapy

Emotional support pets like Joy For All pets from Hasbro  are designed to bring happiness, comfort and companionship to anyone who appreciates the interaction with a dog or cat but isn’t able to enjoy having a live pet in their home.  Hasbro offers both cats and dogs with such realistic features, you will find yourself talking to these interactive robotic toys in no time at all!  With fine, soft fur, realistic sounds and expressive faces, these robotic pets bring all the joy of a live one without the problems or challenges of real cat or dog ownership.

If you know someone who would love a little kitty or puppy without the mess or stress, Joy For All Interactive pets are the perfect pet!

Emotional Support Pets

Hasbro’s interactive cat is a realistically sized robot with soft fur that will sit on your lap, on a table, chair or anywhere while it meows and purrs just like a real cat.  The head of the cat has several hidden sensors that activate kitty’s motion and sound.  All this pet’s actions and sounds are gentle and loving and very realistic.

What Does Joy For All Robotic Cat Do

When you pet kitty’s head at the top or around the side of the head, the sensors cause the cat to start meowing very gently followed by a comforting purr.  Resting your hand on the body, you can feel the gentle vibration just like a real purring cat.  Continued petting keeps kitty happy and eventually it will roll gently onto its back, begging for a tummy rub.  Contented kitty blinks and even closes its eyes as it’s purring.  Occasionally, kitty will lift a paw to lick it, just like a real pet.

Who Could Benefit From An Interactive Pet

Interactive pets are ideal for anyone.  They offer the companionship of a real pet without the problems or challenges that come with a live animal. Children of any age enjoy hugging, petting and talking to their very own loving kitty or puppy – no biting, scratching or running away! Adults who would like to have an animal but are not able to cope with feeding, walking, or cleaning up after a pet can still enjoy the companionship of an interactive cat or dog.  Nursing home patients can feel more at home with a friend who sits on their lap anywhere and keeps them company on lonely days.

The comfort of an interactive pet can be life-changing to someone who lives alone, someone with pet allergies or someone in need of a little love therapy.

Joy For All pets offer:

  • Realistic size and sound – interactive pets are battery operated and can be turned off or muted if sound is not desired
  • Moderate motion – interactive pets have gentle movements of head, mouth and eyes but they do not walk
  • Soft furry surface – they love to be stroked, cuddled and caressed

If you know someone who would love a little kitty or puppy without the mess or stress, Joy For All Interactive pets are the perfect pet!


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