How To Cook Scrapple Crispy Not Soggy

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How to Cook Scrapple

Once only found among the Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish and other rural American kitchens, Scrapple has made a name for itself as an important part of breakfast, lunch and dinner in many parts of the world. While some cooks prefer to keep their Scrapple recipe a secret, the best kept secret of all seems to be how to cook Scrapple!

There is a secret to cooking Scrapple! Nothing spices up a bland plate of scrambled eggs like a slice of crispy Scrapple!

You’re going to need:

  • Fresh Scrapple
  • Frying Pan
  • Sharp Knife
  • Spatula
  • Olive Oil Spray

Spray a frying pan with a very light coating of olive oil spray. Scrapple itself has enough fat content to keep it from sticking to a non-stick surface pan, but the oil will give your slices the essential crispy coating that makes the difference between crunchy and soggy.

Heat the frying pan. This is the trick to cooking crispy, not gushy Scrapple. The pan must be very hot before placing the meat in it to cook. Set the temperature very close to the highest setting.

Use a good, clean frying pan and a very sharp knife. Your Scrapple will only be as good as your tools! Cut the Scrapple into 1/4 inch slices with a very sharp knife. If you slice it any thinner it will cook too fast; any thicker and it will be mushy. Once the frying pan has reached its peak heat, place the slices in the pan. If it’s hot enough you will hear the Scrapple begin to sizzle right away.

Turn the Scrapple after ten minutes, and let the other side crisp up for another ten minutes. Your meat should be sizzling without burning to get that solid, crispness that makes it so tantalizing.

  • Remember, the medium high heat of the frying pan is the secret to the best crispy Scrapple!
  • Watch out for that hot oil!
  • Don’t use so much oil that it puddles in the pan – just a light spray will do the job.

If you like deep fried foods then you will become an instant fan of Deep Fried Scrapple! The best Scrapple has a super crispy outside and deep frying is an excellent way to get that crunchiness even without breading.

More Ways to Serve Scrapple

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