Easy Charging Station For Tablets Cell Phones iPads iPhones Never Lose Your Charger Again

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Electronics Charging StationLost chargers and tangled cables are a thing of the past with a simple electronic charging station.  This is the ultimate best use of ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ just like Grandma always said. In any active household there could be a cell phone and a tablet or iPad for each member of the family. Whether each one has their own or some items are shared, having a single location for charging them all makes life easier.

Get rid of the mess of cables, take better care of your devices and never lose your charger again! One charger with six slots for both Android USB  (affiliate link) and iPhone USB cables – one outlet!

One Charger For Six Devices

Simicore Smart Charging Station Dock & Organizer for Smartphones, Tablets & Other Gadgets  is the simplest and most effective way to keep all tablets and cell phones charged and ready to go – all the time.  My collection of tablets, Kindles and cell phones has really grown recently.  When my grandchildren come to visit they like to spend some time plaCharging station for cell tablet ipad android kindleying Minecraft and they really enjoy it on my Kindle Fire tablet.  They enjoy interacting with me or a friend so it’s nice that I am able to have two tablets always charged and ready for fun.

With USB cables for both Android and iPhone devices, my cell phone, tablet and digital camera are always charged and I always know where they are, stacked neatly in the charging station.

Instead of trying to untangle the mess of cables and making sure the tablets are well stored so as not to damage the surfaces, you can designate a small area on one table top just for tablets and cellphones.  The setup could not be easier – plug the charger into a power strip, plug the devices into the charger and turn the power on.  It’s just that easy!

Simicore Smart Charging Station comes with 3 Android USB cables and 3 Apple USB cables so you can charge Kindle and Android devices along with iPad’s and iPhones. A charging station is inexpensive, easy to set up, easy to use and one of the few places where Android and Apple devices can share resources.


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