Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

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Before We Were Yours, a historical fiction based upon the dark cruelty found at the Tennessee Children’s Home Society in Memphis will leave you saddened and horrified.  How this tragedy of kidnapping, abuse, neglect and blackmail could continue unquestioned for thirty years is astounding. Lisa Wingate    has produced a detailed account of the horrors of the process of selling children in the twentieth century in this fictional story of one family’s heartbreak that is unforgettable.  This story will leave you wanting to pull your babies a little closer.

While the story is distressing and disturbing, the author has an amazing talent for creating metaphors that will immediately paint the perfect picture in your mind. Before you are mid way through this book, you’ll feel like you have lived a lifetime along the Savannah River with shanty boats, herons and dragonflies. Lisa Wingate puts into words the terrified thoughts of an enslaved twelve year old girl that leave no room for anything but compassion.

Alternating between the events of the 1930’s and into today’s generation, the story comes together seamlessly but not obviously. This is not a cookie cutter plot but a well thought out story of what one innocent family would have endured at the hands of a monster the world believed was ‘the mother of modern adoption’.

It’s ok to judge this book by its cover – I did – it did not disappoint.

Before We Were Yours (affiliate link) by Lisa Wingate, copyright 2017


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