The Rocks by Peter Nichols

The Rocky Beaches of Mallorca

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The Rocks by Peter Nichols   is a poignant story about a foolish woman who ignored the love of a lifetime and the man who never really tried to recapture his marriage. This fictional tale is told in reverse of the timeline of events that occur over a period of years from 1948 to 2005. The story opens with the presumed death of Gerald and Lulu. Going backwards, chapter by chapter, the author builds the story of their lives that defines the event that is their demise.

Set in the olive groves and rocky beaches of Mallorca in the Mediterranean, Peter Nichols weaves the story of the lost lovers with inviting descriptions of the landscape and lifestyle of the area as the years change.  Gerald and Lulu should have been partners and lovers for life; instead, strange and unwritten events early in their relationship created an entirely different world for them and the families they eventually created.

What Can Destroy True Love

The reader is left wondering with each advancing chapter how and why these two people drifted so far apart while never living more than a few miles away from each other for more than 50 years.  What strange event drove them to be total strangers when their young love was so erotic, exotic and promising?

You’ll want to keep turning the pages and find out the answer!  Enjoy!

The Rocks by Peter Nichols,   Copyright 2015

(Available in paperback and digital)


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