Best Cat Litter For Cats and The Environment

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Searching For The Best Kitty Litter

My choice for the best all around cat litter is  Petfive Sustainably Yours Natural Sustainable Multi-Cat Litter .  It is made from corn and cassava, a biodegradable, sustainable source with great odor control and amazing clumping for the easiest clean up.

When shopping for Kitty Litter, anyone can easily be confused and overwhelmed by so many options available.  While browsing the pet supplies recently, I spent about twenty minutes trying to make a decision on a choice of kitty litter.  My usual brand was out of stock and I’d heard rumors of the terrible things that can happen at home as a result of a sudden change to a kitty’s litter.

Scented, unscented, clumping, non-clumping, light-weight, clay, plant- based, bagged, boxed or super-sized plastic tubs – so many choices!  None of them made me feel comfortable financially or environmentally.  And worst of all? What would kitty think?

Why I Stopped Using Non Clumping Cat Litter

I’ve had several cats over the years and plain, unscented, non-clumping clay was always my choice for cat litter. No one ever complained.  Cats did their business, I wrapped it up and put it into the trash.  I washed the cat pan and put new litter in every day because I didn’t want the smell of cat urine to be a problem.

On one recent shopping trip, clumping cat litter was the only formula available. So, I took  a bag home and did some research.  What’s the point of clumping litter I wondered.

Here it is: clumping cat litter absorbs the urine creating a tight lump of litter that can be scooped out as easily as feces.  Daily scooping of both means you can avoid daily cleaning and fresh litter.  It’s just that simple.  Scoop the clumps, deposit into a sealed container like Litter Champ and you won’t find it necessary to change the litter so often. Odors are trapped in the clumps of litter.

I was skeptical at first but it works!  I have cut my cat pan cleaning drastically – saving both time and money.

Not All Clumping Cat Litter Is Great Litter

Not all clumping cat litter is great cat litter and not all cat liter is environmentally friendly.  Some litter is sourced from strip mining and not bio-degradable; some litter is sourced from forestry surplus; some is chemically treated to control odor.  The list of pros and cons can make your head spin.

When The Cat Is Happy Everyone Is Happy

Fortunately, my kitty did not take offense when I decided to try out some of the different brands of kitty litter.  I wanted to find a litter that is

  • Environmentally Friendly – sustainably sourced and degradable
  • House Friendly – provides odor control
  • Cost Effective – use less, spend less
  • Easy to Use – low dust, low tracking
  • Cat Approved – when the cat is happy, everyone is happy

I narrowed my choices down to three different litters: wood based, clay, plant based.

Well, my cat did not approve of any of the wood pellet based litters.  I always have two litter pans available and kitty never set foot in the wood based products.  Environmentally and financially, wood based litters make a lot of sense but in the end if the cat doesn’t like it, nobody is going to be happy.

I found the clay based, clumping litter to be the most economical and the cat used it without issue.  Clean-up was just average.   Clumps formed but frequently fell apart during sifting.

The plant based litter formed very tight clumps very quickly, was super easy to clean up and kitty took to it right away.  While this was by far the best litter overall, the price was the highest of the three.  But for me, it’s worth a little extra as odors are really well contained and kitty pan clean up is a breeze!

Clumping Cat Litter

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