Frame Stand for Hanging Chair

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Frame Stand for Hanging Chair

Whether it’s in your backyard, under a shady Oak tree, tucked into a sunny spot on your deck or nestled in a comfy corner of your home,  relaxing in your happy place is better with a hanging chair or swing.  There are an abundance of options available if you want a chair stand for hanging chair or saucer with a frame designed for suspending comfortable lounging equipment.

Hanging chair frameMy choice of stand for a macramé chair is the Sorbus Hammock Chair Stand.  The product description indicates this frame supports up to 330 pounds and is made from alloy steel.  The frame is a very simple design with a single hook for attaching the chair and giving it swivel capability.  Most important to me was the design of the base which makes this frame very stable for my backyard enjoyment.  This frame is also suitable for use indoors but check the height and base measurements before purchasing.  

Hanging frames are sometimes a better option than suspending a chair from a ceiling or overhead location.  Frames make it easy to move the chair from place to place, indoor or out.  Many are capable of supporting  250 to 300 hundred pounds.  Of course, the chair or swing must also be able to support the same weight.

This type of stand is designed for gentle relaxation and not for the fun and frolicking you enjoyed as a child on the playground.  Most stands are just the frame – chairs and support chains or ropes are not usually included.

Hanging Chair Stand or Frame Loungers or Swings

The design of many chair frames allows for hanging

  • Macramé Chairs
  • Swinging Saucers
  • Cocoon Chairs

Easy to Move Hanging Chair Stand

You can easily follow the sun or the shade with most chair stands.  While you want a frame that is not flimsy or easily tipped over, you can move an empty frame from one area to another without too much difficulty.  When rain threatens, just remove cloth swings or chairs and leave the frame outdoors.

Check the Specifications

With so many options to choose from, check the basics for:

  • Supported Weight – the frame should be able to support as much weight as the chair can support
  • Stability of Base –  the base should provide stability on a flat surface even with a swinging chair
  • Stand Weight – if you want to be able to move the stand, check the weight or allow for help when moving
  • Easy to Assemble / Disassemble – stands will need to be assembled and some designs allow for easy disassembly for storage

Read the product descriptions, comments and recommendations.  My preferred model left out an important assembly tip in the instructions.  Without the user comments, the stand would be back in the box instead of waiting for me in the garden.

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