Collect And Dry Sunflower Seeds To Regrow In Your Garden

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You can collect and dry Sunflower Seeds to re-grow in your garden for years to come!  The only thing more satisfying than growing flowers, fruits and vegetables in your garden is starting the plants from seeds you harvested from older plants you grew yourself.  It can be an endless cycle of plant production.

Drying Sunflower Seeds to Re-Grow

Few flowers make us feel as happy as colorful sunflowers that always seem to be reaching for the sun.  Most sunflowers are annuals ( they must be planted from seeds each Spring ).  If you want to keep the life cycle of your perky sunflowers going, you can harvest seeds from your garden as the flowers reach maturity.

One or two mature sunflowers can provide enough seeds to grow dozens of new plants in the Spring.

To start the harvesting process:

  • Choose healthy flower heads that have matured and begun to turn brown at the base of the flower head
  • Pull back any petals or covering over the seed area
  • Hang up or lay flat on dry surface for about a week
  • Once the flower heads dry out, scrape the seeds into a container
  • Spread the seeds out over a towel or old window screen
  • Let seeds dry out for about a week in a dry location where birds or animals cannot reach
  • After seeds are dry, store in a plain white envelope with plant type and date recorded on the envelope
  • Keep the envelope in a cool, dry and preferably dark place until ready to plant in the Spring

More About Sunflowers

Sunflower seeds come in different sizes and colors depending upon the type of sunflower you choose.  Not all sunflowers grow as big as the familiar Mammoth Sunflower which can grow to a height well over six feet and support a giant flower that can be six to seven inches in diameter.

Smaller varieties of sunflowers can be just as jaunty and uplifting as the giant brands and will also produce an abundance of seeds for re-growing in your garden next year.

Sunflowers plants will rotate their flowers to follow the sun all day – until the stems get woody and rigid. Then the flowers continue to mature no longer moving to follow the sun.

  • Use screen to separate seeds
  • Dried Sunflower Seeds
  • Store dry seeds

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