Creamy Lickable Cat Treat

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What’s the best cat treat?  If you have a finicky cat, the best treat is the one they come running for and actually eat.  Yes, cats can be as fussy with treats as they are with their dinner.  So, when I find a treat they really like, I want to make sure I have plenty on hand because there’s no way of knowing when there will suddenly be a shortage of cat food.

Our choice?  Squeeze up lickable cat treats.  We go through quite a few treats so it’s worth buying the large size container. These treats also seem to be out of stock more than other treats, so getting that larger supply guarantees I won’t run out too soon.

Creamy Lickable Cat Treats In Squeezable Tube

My cats are guaranteed to come running as soon as they hear me open the treat container.  Their favorite treats are the lickable, creamy cat treats in a squeezable tube.  Offered in a variety of flavors, this cat treat is a creamy base of tuna or chicken that my cats just can’t get enough of. Even the dog comes running in hope of getting a lick or two.

Squeezable Cat Treat Ideas

Cats will enjoy creamy, squeezable treats right out of the tube or in a dish.  I’ve also found they are great for:

  • Dinner toppers – just squeeze one over a meal your cat might be ignoring or walking away from.
  • Moisture helpers – cats who turn away from wet food may not get enough water in their diet.
  • Pill disguise – the only way to get a pill into my cats is to crush pills very fine and mix in a squeezable treat.

Aside from giving my cats a treat they love, I’ve used the squeezable treats to successfully introduce two cats who were not getting along.  It didn’t take long to get both of them licking the treat from the same tube, taking turns going back and forth between them.

And then along came the dog.  Using the same tactic, I was able to introduce two cats to the dog by bringing them together with those irresistible creamy treats.  The dog does not seem to care that these are cat treats.  And the cats tolerate the dog being so close up just to get that treat.

Peace in the wild kingdom I call home.

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