Easy Install Catch Basin Water Drainage System

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Water from downspouts, air conditioners or sump pumps can easily be re-directed to a more beneficial area of your lawn or garden. Water moving or settling near the walls of your home can cause damage to the foundation and erosion of the soil.  Adequate water drainage is essential for a sturdy, healthy home!

Install Low Profile Catch Basin For Water Runoff

You can avoid the damage done by rain or dripping pipes by placing an easy to install drainage catch basin system that sits under the dripping pipe or downspout, and allows the water to slowly drain where you direct it – into your garden or lawn.

How To Install Water Runoff Catch Basin

The No Dig Low Profile Catch Basin system takes just minutes to install in an established garden. Place the basin directly under the dripping pipe, extend the two inch flexible pipe as far as needed to get maximum distance from the house and cover the hose and exposed basin housing with dirt or mulch.  It’s just that simple!

While the flexible pipe can be buried under a lawn, I would not use it in a high traffic area.  That would require a sturdier pipe ( PVC type ).

Where To Install No Dig Catch Basin

The low profile catch basin works to control water runoff in areas such as:

  • Rain Gutter Downspouts
  • Air Conditioner Drain Pipes
  • Sump Pump Drain Pipes
  • Dehumidifier Drain Pipes

The low profile catch basin allows water to drain slowly from the basin into the lawn or garden, reducing erosion and keeping the water from damaging house or wall foundations.

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