Retro Look With Macramé

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Get a retro look with macramé for any room of the house.  Actually, Retro might mean a different decade for each of us but few things looks as 70’s retro as macramé.

What is Macramé?

Macramé is any type of article made by knotting cord or string in patterns.  Combining it with bright colors and lighthearted art work will give your room a real feeling of returning to the 1970’s.

Retro Look With MacraméMacramé can be items as simple as a hanging plant holder or as large and intricate as a tapestry size wall hanging.

Macramé has been used for centuries to add fringe to rugs, clothing and household décor items.  It became a very popular hobby in the 1970’s. Many naturalists were attracted to it because the items were made primarily from cotton or jute, all biodegradable.

Retro Look With Macramé

When you take an ordinary room and add a macramé wall tapestry, you instantly get the feel of the nature loving,Retro Look With Macramé light hearted 70’s.  I recently re-decorated a very small powder room and wanted to make it more than just a brightly painted room.  I found a very unique fox wall canvas and added some very inexpensive plants in macramé hangers.  Now, you can really feel the love!

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