Long Lasting Dog Chews

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Dogs Just Want Long Lasting Dog Chews

My mission was to find long lasting dog chews.  I wanted to find a dog chew that would outlast Milo’s need to gnaw but still be of interest to him twenty four hours later.  I searched for long lasting dog chews that would not cost me a small fortune.  Pawstruck! The monster yak dog chew to the rescue!

Long lasting dog chew
Milo prefers long lasting Yak bars

Dogs Love to Chew

Chewing is essential to dogs, not just to get through the teething stage.  I’ve had several dogs through the years and while not all of them were chewing terrors, I did have one lovely lady who chewed the woodwork around every door in my home.  She could not be contained by doors, fences or leashes.  Now that’s a free spirit!

The average dog chews to relieve the pain of teething and later to relieve stress and boredom.  It’s also thought that chewing releases endorphins which are nature’s feel good chemicals.

However, not all dog chews are good for dogs.

If You Chew It

If your dog chews it, it should also be safe for them to swallow, digest and eliminate.  And if I spend $15 for it I want it to last more than 15 minutes.  There is nothing more discouraging than bringing home a new chew toy for your dog only to find he has either ripped it to shreds or swallowed before you have the other groceries out of the bag.

Pawstruck Dog Product – Monster Himalayan Yak Dog Chew

The Monster Himalayan Yak Dog Chew is the answer to my quest for a long lasting dog chew.  Per the wrapping, this chew bar is made in Nepal from Yak and cow milk, lime juice and salt.  Not only does that sound healthy, it looks and feels so much better than the mushy, slimy remains of old chew’s that Milo loses interest in as soon as he licks off the artificial flavoring on many of them.

I’ve tried a variety of tricks to revive those old chew sticks but Milo’s pretty persnickety about his chewing hobby.  The frozen chews did seem to be helpful when he was teething but now that he’s ‘such a big boy’ he’s more selective about how he spends his chew time.

His Monster Himalayan Yak Dog Chew is now his first choice and from the looks of it, that chew bar is going to be around for way more than 15 minutes.  No mess, no smell, just a happy dog!

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