Sturdy Tongue Cleaner Scraper

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Sturdy Tongue Cleaner

A sturdy tongue cleaner scraper should be a standard part of your daily dental hygiene.  Often overlooked, the tongue can be a significant cause of bad breath.  While you may think that locating a sturdy tongue cleaner or tongue scraper is not so easy, we have found the one scraper that is comfortable to use and won’t snap in half the first time you use it.

Trapped With Our Own Bad Breath

Now that we have had to face our own bad breath from behind a mask, we find ourselves looking at every possible solution to keeping our dental hygiene simple and effective.  If you find that brushing, flossing and rinsing is still leaving you trapped at noon with your morning breath, take a look at your tongue. It might be the culprit.

Scrape Germs and Bad Breath From Your Tongue

The tongue can trap and hold food residue, the remains of drinking, smoking and other things we ingest.  Over time, this results in a build up of offensive smelling bacteria and a ‘coated’ tongue.  This coating not only gives us bad breath but can lead to other dental problems including plaque and tartar buildup.

Sturdy Easy to Clean Tongue Scraper

The New Version Tongue Scraper Cleaner is made using stainless steel that is shaped with rounded, smooth edges.  The plastic handle is sturdy and ridged for a good grip.  After scraping your tongue, rinse the scraper and you’re ready for the next use!

Other tongue scrapers can be too flexible for good scraping, being ineffective or even snapping in half without getting the job done.  The stainless steel head on the New Version Tongue Scraper Cleaner makes all the difference.  It’s sturdy and easily cleaned for daily use.

You’re not done your teeth until you clean your tongue!

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