Protect Wood Floors With Rubber Table Leg Tips

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Protect Wood Floors

Rubber table leg tips

How to protect wood floors? Rubber table leg tips were the answer all along.  To stop the damage to our wood floors from sliding furniture, GMom found inexpensive rubber leg tips that slip right over the end of the table legs.  They match the table color and they fit so snug no one will even notice the difference.

They were easy to install and will not fall off when we move the furniture.  Pick a size to match the diameter of the table leg, lift the table and place a leg into the tip, then press down so the leg is all the way into the rubber tip.

You can find them in many different sizes and colors, even clear plastic so your furniture shows through.

How do I find the diameter needed?

  1. Wrap a tape measure around the base of the table leg. (that’s the circumference)
  2. Multiply the circumference by π, or 3.14 for an estimate of the diameter
  3. Choose a tip size as close as possible to your diameter (choose slightly smaller rather than larger if you can’t find and exact match)

Luna and I love to play ‘catch the cat’.  Well, at least I think she likes to play.  But sometimes it gets a little out of hand and the furniture actually slides clear across the room!

We have beautiful, shiny, wood floors and even with the area carpets, big stuff like the dining room table can become a hazard when we get playing hard.

Milo and Luna Dining Room Table
Table Fortress

Just the other day, Luna ran around the first floor for a full five minutes trying to get me to play with her.

She gets a little crazy sometimes and when I start to chase her she runs through the living room and keeps right on going into the dining room, up onto the table!  She’s not supposed to be on the table.  I think Luna just gets so excited playing that she forgets that sometimes.

GMom says people don’t sit on the table so cats shouldn’t either.

Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

As I round the corner into the dining room, Luna will sometimes take a flying leap onto the highest branch of the cat tree just to be sure I cannot reach her.  All of my eighty pounds is really hard to stop fast, especially when I can’t dig into the floor to get any traction!

dining room table runner rolled up
Evidence of the chase

Usually, I just slide into the table or a chair and everything goes sliding rather awkwardly into the cat tree.  Luna is safe in her perch and I get all the blame for the rolled up rug, flying pet hair and sometimes a new dent in the wall.  But, there are definitely a few scratches in the hardwood floor from me and the sliding furniture.  Oops.

Stop That Table Slide

GMom found rubber table leg tips that are a perfect fit for the dining room table.  So now, it takes a lot more effort from me to move that table.  It just does not slide anymore!  It’s been a little quieter during zoomie time without me and the dining room table aquaplaning and skidding into the walls.

GMom says the table should last much longer and the walls won’t be full of dents and dings.  I think the cat tree might need a little maintenance though… that top shelf is looking more like the Leaning Tower of Pisa every day.

cat tree leaning
Leaning Tower of Cat Tree

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