Dollar Store Items Worth Buying 

Five Things I Always Buy At The Dollar Store

There are some things I always buy at the Dollar Store.  Dollar Store items worth buying, designed to be disposable or expected to have a short life expectancy can be a real bargain at these discount stores.

Dollar Store Items Worth Buying

Here are five items I always look for at the Dollar Store:

  • Shower Curtain Liner – Anytime I’m in the Dollar Store I always check for clear shower curtains liners.  We use a fabric shower curtain that matches our bathroom décor.  Adding the clear liner inside the tub keeps the fabric curtain outside of the tub and keeps it fresher longer.  These bargain curtains are sheer, dry quickly and have small magnets to keep the curtain where you want it to hang inside the tub.  When you are ready to replace the shower curtain liner it makes a great drop cloth for painting.
  • Heavy Duty Brillo Scrub Sponge – These scrub sponges come in a pack of three and you can launder along with your kitchen or bath towels.  They work great in the kitchen for dishes, pots and  pans.  In  the bath they are great for scrubbing tubs and sinks.
  • Scrub Buddies Quick Erasers – Quick Erasers are simple and economical to use anywhere in the house.  Just wet the sponge and  clean doors, woodwork, bathroom sinks, tubs, children’s toys and more.  But, try it on a hidden area first to be sure it won’t harm the surface finish.
  • Scrub Buddies Fiber Duster – The box contains two fiber dust cloths and the handle/wand.  These are great for getting into tight spots for routine cleaning and dusting.  They are designed to be used dry ( no liquids ).  After use, I put the duster without the wand into a mesh laundry bag and run it through the washer with other cleaning cloths and rags, then lay flat to dry.
  • Greeting Cards – If you’re looking for basic, simple ideas in greeting cards, check the Dollar Store.  The location I usually shop has a wide selection of  very nice cards, two for $1.25.  Now, they don’t play music or pop up flowers, but they get the job done!

Other Dollar Store Bargains

No matter what the cost is, if it doesn’t work or breaks too easily, it’s not a bargain.  I usually keep my purchases to disposable, household items but I’ve been happy with brand name shampoos, conditioners, small hardware items such as plastic picture hanging hooks, kitchen towels and pot holders, rubber gloves, and most recently, light weight collapsible storage containers.Collapsible storage container fabric

I live near a major metropolitan city and we are lucky to have several really well stocked dollar type stores within a few miles of home.  So, when I’m in need of some disposable type household items, I’m probably going to head to the Dollar Store.

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