Litter Champ For Pet Waste

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Litter Champ Pet Waste Disposal System

I like my litter pan sifted for poop every day.  It’s just the most important part of keeping things from smelling like, well, poop.  GMom thinks the Litter Champ for pet waste is the most effective and efficient way of keeping that scooped poop wrapped up until it’s time to take it to the waste can outside.  Every day GMom takes the poop out of my litter pan.  She puts it into a bag and puts that bag into the Litter Champ.  Once that lid closes, you’d never know there was poop in that container.

Litter Champ Pet Waste Disposal
Second lid seals the smells

Litter Champ Easy and Effective

The Litter Champ for pet waste is made to hold a whole roll of plastic so it can be cut, sealed and taken to the outside whenever you want to get rid of it.  It’s super easy to buy replacement bags for the system. But GMom found that a regular trash bag fits very nicely into the Litter Champ.  She puts the poop into plastic bags from the grocery store or other bags that would just be tossed into the trash, then puts that bag into the Litter Champ.  Once a week it all goes into the big trash container outside.

The Litter Champ never leaks smelly poop odor and it sits right next to my litter pan.  GMom doesn’t even have to touch it – she just presses the bar with her foot and the lid opens and closes and the poop is gone!

Keep It Clean With Litter Champ For Pet Waste

There are other brands of poop disposal systems but we started with the Litter Champ and haven’t found a reason to try anything else.  It works really well for us so we’re going to stick with it!

What is that smell?  Not me!


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