Cat Window Sill Seat For Two

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Cat Shelf For Two With a View

I admit it – I spend most of the day just laying on the window sill seat.  A cat window sill seat for two really is the best way to enjoy what’s going on outside.

Combine a cat window sill seat with a window bird feeder – now that’s entertainment!

two cats on window shelf with birdfeeder
Shelf With A View

Our dining room seems to be a very active place.  There doesn’t seem to be much dining going on there but between the safe landing space ( the dining room table ), the cat tree and the window sill seat, it’s an important part of my life.

Window Bird Feeder

Luna black cat watching bird feeder on window shelf
Very Focused

Big Daddy bought us a magnificent entertainment system.  It’s a bird feeder that attaches to the outside of the window right where my window seat sits!  How much fun is that?

Now, I can sprawl out and enjoy watching my feathered friends so very close up!

Window Sill Seat For Two

It’s very rare that Mia sits on the window sill seat, especially if I’m already there.  But as you can see, this window seat is plenty big enough for two eight pound cats.  And if Mia isn’t interested, I can really stretch out and enjoy the good life, basking in the morning sun.

GMom installed this one herself in just a few minutes but she is after all, really great with an electric screw driver. It looked really easy.

This window sill seat came with adhesive strips to attach to the window sill.  It also came with screws to attach instead of the adhesive.

Yes, yes … knowing my enthusiasm for exuberant behavior, GMom wisely chose to attach the seat to the window sill with two screws.  It took just a few minutes and the leg braces fit perfectly to keep things balanced and under control.  It’s very stable!

Easy Care

My window sill seat has a comfy pillow that attaches with Velcro and a cover that can come off to be washed.  It’s one of my favorite places to hang out!


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