Stop Cat Scratching Damage

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Stop Damage Done By Cat Scratching

Just as you cannot stop the changing of the ocean tide, you cannot stop a cat from scratching.  Stretching, scratching, kneading – it’s part of being a cat. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with  cat-scratched furniture, walls or carpets!  You can prevent cat scratching damage done to your home.

GMom says if you give a kitty love, space and plenty of scratching beds and posts, the only thing  left is to give them a pillow on  your lap for kneading.  If kitty is purring, kitty is content.  Double sided tape on your soft surfaces is also awesome!

When kitty is happy, everyone is happy.  You can stop cat scratching damage when you understand why cats claw where and when they do.

Why Do Cats Scratch

We cats scratch for many reasons.  Mostly, because we want to.   Other reasons might be:

  • Reduce stress
  • Clean paws ( just out of the litter box)
  • Trim claws ( mani pedi )
  • Sharpen claws ( dog needs a wake-up claw)

It’s Nature, Not Nurture

Mia resting cat scratching bed
Mia’s Scratching Lounge

You wouldn’t think of ripping out the dogs nails or your own so why the cat’s?  People trim,  polish and decorate their nails.  You routinely clip and buff the dog’s nails.  If you treat a cat kindly from birth and offer it plenty of opportunity to work out their scratching needs in well defined places, your feline friend’s claws will never be a problem.

Cats are not all alike but they are easily led astray.  A kitten raised in a gentle, loving environment will still be a vivacious, bouncy, bubbly playmate.  But she will also seek out the gentle, quiet times, snuggling on your lap without scratching, biting or hissing.

If you raise a kitten in an atmosphere where they are always on the defense, scratching is going to be an important coping mechanism.


Find the Scratch Post Right For Your Cat

There are many options for providing scratching space other than the side of the living room couch or the back of GMom’s favorite rocking chair.  There are posts ( boring but functional ), wall posts, tree posts, and my personal favorite, the scratching bed.  Don’t move over, there’s room for all of us!

GMom knows the value of a good scratching bed.  She keeps one

  • Beside the cat pan
  • Near the front door
  • Beside the back door
  • Close to the dog bed
  • At the feeding station

If there is stress, the chance to relax, release or hide, there should be a scratching bed.

Other Solutions For Scratching

GMom keeps an ample supply of furniture protection  around the house.  Tape.  BIG sheets of double sided tape.  It works.  A little here, a little there.  Breaks the scratching habit real fast!

Let’s talk about that sticky stuff.  It works.  I don’t like it. I don’t scratch it. I don’t go there.  GMom has left me so many other places to scratch, I just go there instead.  It looks like a piece of double sided tape when GMom puts it on the side of the chair or the couch, but it just blends in with everything and I just don’t see it until ( shudder ) I reach out to scratch and OMG!!! I don’t like it and I won’t go back there again!  It’s just tape.  It does not hurt me, does not stick to me.  It just isn’t what I was looking for so I go elsewhere. ( where I know I can scratch happy )

Trim Nails Regularly

I rarely do any damage when my nails are trim and well cared for.  I still need to scratch because, well, we do have that horrific beast to cope with.  Whatever, I have him wrapped around my little toe.  We just sniff butts and go about our own business.  But I still NEED to scratch!


Why ask why?  It’s quiet.  No kids, no dogs, lights are low.  GMom looks like she could use a purr or two.  I think it makes her feel safe,  content and loved.  That’s why I knead that pillow she put on her lap until I think it’s kneaded enough and I can settle in … there or somewhere close.  GMom doesn’t care where, she just likes knowing I’m there.  I know because she tells me she’s glad I’m there.


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