Fleas and Ticks The Dog Brought Home

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Fleas and Ticks – The Dog Did It

indoor cat looking out window at rabbitWhere do fleas and ticks come from?  I don’t go outside.  Mia doesn’t go outside.  The fleas and ticks are outside.  How did the pests get into the house?  It had to be the dog.  Milo goes outside.  Humph! It’s a good thing GMom knows all about the nasty things the dog brings home.  Even indoor cats need flea and tick prevention.

Make a regular routine of treating your pets to prevent flea and tick infestations.  Frontline Plus for Cats is easy to use and we have found it to be very effective in keeping away the nasty pests.

Indoor Cats Get Fleas and Ticks

Even if your cat or kitten never goes outside, they can still pick up fleas and ticks from other pets or even from debris that might come into the house from boots or shoes.  It’s important to keep all your pets protected because just a few fleas can cause a bunch of problems.

Fleas can pass worms to your cats which can spread quickly from the litter pan to another cat or to the dog.  It’s a nasty mess that does not have to happen.  Scratching, biting and excessive licking can be signs of fleas or ticks.

Prevention Is Easier

When fleas get comfortable in your home, they are really hard to get rid of.  Just thinking about a bath gives me anxiety!  Cats don’t bathe very well.  So rather than have to go through the terror of removing a bug infestation, it’s much easier to prevent the problem with a treatment that’s easy to apply just once a month.

A once a month treatment with Frontline Plus For Cats will keep the pests away and keep your home free of all the nasty pests the dog might bring in from the yard.  Yes, the dog did it – but we were ready!


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