Jeans Belt Perfect Fit Without Buckle

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No More Buckle Bulge – No More Back Gap

A perfect fit jeans belt without a buckle bulge gives you a smooth, comfortable fit in any jeans without the common gap at the back.  A belt can serve different purposes.  You might want a belt to:

  • Hold up your jeans
  • Add some pizzazz to your outfit
  •  Close the gap at the back of your waist

No More Bulge Jeans Belt

Whatever your reasons for wearing a belt, many times the buckle bulge at the front looks completely out of place, trying to poke through your shirt. It ruins your entire profile.  If you tuck your shirt into your jeans, a traditional belt might not be flexible enough to fit snug against your back, creating the back gap.

Look Casual But Smooth

Your jeans or jeggings can have a much more fitted appearance if you use an adjustable, stretch belt. It attaches tostretch jeans belt no buckle your belt loops at the side of the zipper.  Attach the end of the belt to the front belt loop with a sturdy snap closure.  Then, run the belt through the remaining belt loops and attach the other end to the other front belt loop.  Adjust the belt with easy to move guides for the perfect fit.  No buckle bulge, no gap at the back!

Be Comfortable In Stretch Jeans Belt

The stretch jeans belt is so comfortable you won’t want to go without wearing one.  The smooth, fitted look is perfect for jeans but these belts can give you a custom, fitted look in any slacks or skirt with loops!  Jeggings with belt loops and stretch belts go great together.

With a perfect fit belt without a buckle, you can be comfortable and look great whether you’re working from home, running errands or hitting up the local café for brunch!


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