Car Seats For Dogs

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Do Dogs Need A Car Seat?

seat belt for dogs
Did someone say, “Fries?”

Yes, there are car seats for dogs.  But they mostly look like a box or a carrier.  Many car seats appear to be best suited for smaller dogs.  I am much too big to fit in a box or booster seat.  Our car does not have room for a carrier or crate that would be big enough to hold me.  But, because I’m a little bit over-active in the car, I really need to be restrained so I don’t cause an accident or spill the fries.

I like car rides wearing my seat belt designed just for dogs.

Car Seat Laws For Dogs

There are some states like Rhode Island that have laws about keeping a dog restrained while riding in a car.  Dog car seats are not like car seats for humans.  For the most part, they are designed mostly to keep a pet from wandering all over the car while traveling.  We live in a state where there are no specific laws about pet car restraints. Gmom thought it would be better for everyone if I was not able to jump around a lot.  She did mention that I was much too young to be driving.  If I was permitted to sit in the front seat with her, well, we’d be making a lot more right hand turns because I’d always be pawing at the steering wheel.

Seat Belt For Dogs

So, rather than have me bouncing all over the car, I wear a safety vest harness with a leash that attaches to the seat belt.  I can sit, stand and move left and right but I can’t give Gmom sloppy kisses or swipe any of her French fries.  I love French fries.

Gmom opens the two back windows just enough to circulate some fresh air so I don’t get car sick but not enough for me to stick my head out and catch the wind in my hair.  Ah, the sweet smell of fries blowing in the wind!


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