Cat Scratch Training Tape Protects Furniture

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Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

Cat scratch damage
Mia’s favorite scratching spot

One of the downsides of being owned by a cat is the damage they can do to your house with their claws.  You can stop a cat from scratching by training them with cat scratch training tape.  It does not hurt them, they just don’t like it.  Once they feel the tape, they rarely go back for more.  Cat scratch training tape creates an unsatisfying feeling, deterring more scratching.

Miss Mia sometimes prefers to get my attention by taking a leisurely stretch and scratch on the cloth cubes of my writing desk.  She does this with total disregard for the scratching box that sits right next to the desk.

Cat Scratching Is Natural

Mia sleeping on scratching loungeCats with claws can do a lot of damage to your home.  You can’t prevent it but you can re-direct them while protecting your furniture.  Cats scratch for a variety of reasons.  Miss Mia usually does most of her scratching on her favorite scratching bed but when I’m working at my desk, she will meander over, sit and stare at me for a bit and if that doesn’t get my attention, she pretends to casually stretch and eventually give the desk a few scratches in her favorite spot.

  • Cats scratch to clean their feet after using the litter box
  • Cats scratch to file and maintain their nails
  • Cats scratch to relieve boredom
  • Cats scratch to relieve stress
  • Cats don’t need a reason to scratch

More damage can be done to your furniture when cats run and play.  When Luna takes a run around the room to escape the dog, she takes a flying leap at the cloth rocking chair and digs in deep with those claws to hold on and shimmy her way to the top of the chair.

Fur flies.  It’s very entertaining but also does a lot of damage.

Double Stick Tape Works

Sheets of double stick tape attached to your furniture are an essential tool for protecting your furniture and re-directing your cat away from their favorite scratching spots.  The tape annoys them and they learn to stay away.  When properly applied, the tape is transparent and not obvious.  The tape does not stick to the cat, it just creates an unsatisfying feeling, deterring the scratching.

Test The Tape Before Applying To Your Furniture

You do not need to leave the tape on the furniture forever.  Kitty may take a week or two to forever avoid the area and then you can take the tape off.  It is very important to try the tape on a small, hidden area of the furniture to make sure removing the tape won’t cause damage to the surface.  There are so many variables in fabrics and surfaces you can’t be sure yours will be okay unless you test it!  Don’t skip this part!

Transparent cat scratch tape can be cut to fit whatever size you need.  It easily wraps around corners and edges.  Cut it to fit the area your cat likes to scratch.

Offer Other Places to Scratch

You can cover your house in tape but you still need to provide an acceptable location for you cat to scratch.  They need to scratch.  Provide scratching beds or posts near where your cats likes to scratch.  Eventually they will avoid the taped spots and use the right spots.


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