Bluetooth Transmitter For TV Headphones Or Speakers

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Bluetooth Transmitter For TV Headphone Or Speakers

If you have even moderate hearing loss, not being able to hear or understand the audio portion of a show can ruin the entertainment for you and those around you.  Just raising the volume is often not sufficient.  Just because you can hear it does not mean you know what they are saying.   To get the best experience listening to my smart TV without interfering with my family’s enjoyment, I searched for the best Bluetooth Transmitter system I could find that would be affordable, not disable the sound for others, use Bluetooth technology to send the sound to my headphones ( not ear buds ) and a portable sound bar to enhance the sound for everyone.

Finally, a sound system that works even if your TV does not have built-in Bluetooth capability!

It’s taken a lot of trial and error, time and money and years of frustration to get it right, affordable and super easy to set up and use.  For about $200.00 I now have what I feel is the best Bluetooth Transmitter for TV that connects to two receivers: headphones for me and a portable sound bar for everyone.

Bluetooth Sound System Setup

Bluetooth Transmitter

Avantree Oasis Plus Bluetooth Transmitter
Bluetooth Transmitter

They key to the system I set up is the Avantree Oasis Plus Bluetooth Transmitter.  The transmitter is powered by a USB cable into the TV ( you can also use electrical outlet ) and the audio is directed to the transmitter by connecting it to the optical output port on the TV.  This transmitter is capable of pairing with two separate receivers at the same time.  You can connect two separate headphones or ear buds.  Or, you can connect to headphones and a sound bar at the same time.  The later is the system I have set up.

This transmitter is smart, easy to set up and pair and very powerful.  Out of all the systems I have tried, the Oasis is the best and the easiest to set up and use.

Bluetooth Headphones

Avantree Open Ear Headphones
Open Ear Headphones

While many people choose ear buds for wireless listening, I opted for open ear headphones.  If you have significant hearing loss, ear buds may be a better choice.  I chose the open ear style because I was prone to ear irritation from the bud style.  My hearing loss is moderate to significant and I’m comfortable with the Avantree Open Ear Wireless Headphones.  You can wear both or just one and still interact with outside sounds.  Connection and pairing to the Oasis transmitter is fast and easy.  The headphones come with a charging base and can easily be un-paired and used to attach to a different transmitter.  Fast, easy, and comfortable!

Bluetooth Speaker Sound Bar

Avantree Portable Sound Bar Speaker
Portable Sound Bar Speaker

Many televisions are lacking in great sound.  Adding a sound bar can give you top quality sound.  Adding a portable sound bar can bring the sound anywhere you want to take it – beside you, in front of you, behind you.  The Avantree Portable Bluetooth speaker is powered by an electrical plug to an outlet to charge.  It connects and pairs quickly and easily to the Oasis transmitter.  It will work plugged in or on it’s battery power making it easy to place anywhere you want it when it’s in range of the transmitter.  The sound bar has it’s own volume settings and offers adjustable setting for Balance, Bass, 3D surround and Loud/Clear Voice.

Best Overall Bluetooth System

I have spent years trying to put together the best sound system for myself and my family.  The trio of Avantree transmitter, headphones and sound bar has fulfilled all my needs.  Now, we can all enjoy TV together!


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