Best Cat Toy Springs For Active Play

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The Best Cat Toy

The best toy for active cats in our house is a bag full springs.  These small, colorful coils provide hours of fun for GMom and me, Luna.  She throws the coil and I run after it and bring it back to her.  We do this over, and over and over!  GMom loves it!

Springs In A Bag

Springs in a bowl
Spring Water

The springs I really like come in a variety of bright colors – cats like bright colors.  The extra wide springs are my favorite.  I can easily grab the springs and they bounce right out of my paws making it fun to try to hold on to as they bounce across the floor.

Milo really likes the springs too but they are just for me and Mia.  Even lazy old Mia likes to chase them around the floor.  Their bouncy motion makes it hard for cats to resist.

Interactive Cat Toy

Instead of a pretend fury mouse dipped in cat nip, these extra wide springs keep cats active, swatting, batting and chasing them around.  There’s nothing to chew or shred, just hours of clean fun.  It’s the only toy I always play with.

You can find a package with as many as 60 springs in all different colors.  They are super smooth with a plastic coating to make sure they are safe, strong and flexible.

The best toy for cats of all ages is a bouncy, brightly colored, coiled spring.  They are great for kittens and adult cats alike.  This simple toy encourages plenty of activity and exercise.

Cats enjoy the random movements of the spring.  They will enjoy hours of fun catching, batting, tossing and pouncing on the springs.

If your cats are like me, they will even enjoy a game of catch with the humans.  Not many toys inspire interactive play with humans but this toy can keep everyone active and amused.


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