Make Bras Briefs and Pantyhose Last Longer And Never Lose a Sock Again

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Make Bras, Briefs and Pantyhose Last Longer

Sagging straps, baggy granny knickers and pulls and runs in your hose are not the way to a man’s heart. They don’t make you feel any better either! With the rising cost of living everywhere, it pays to take better care of your clothes so they will last longer.  Bras, panties, socks and pantyhose need special care.

So, what do you need to keep your unmentionables looking like new and never lose a sock again?

Good, Quality Bras, Panties, Briefs, Tights and Pantyhose
Mesh Laundry Bag
Drying area

How to Launder Delicate Lingerie and Underwear

When you’re ready to launder your undies, put them carefully into a laundry wash bag.  You can find these in most any department store. Mine is a mesh fabric bag about 12 inches by 6 inches with a zipper at one end.

All bras should have the ends clasped together as if they were being worn. This will protect other items from being snagged by the hooks while they’re washing. It will also protect the hook from catching on the little drain holes and such in your washer and being bent out of shape.

All panties, briefs, tights, socks and pantyhose can be put in a similar bag together. The bags are also great for protecting delicate lingerie. Once the items are secured inside the laundry bag,  you can toss the bag into the washer on the gentle cycle with other fine washable.

When the washer is done, remove the items from the laundry bag and hang them to dry. I keep a special corner in my closet where I can hang the items on plastic hangers to dry overnight. Having spent the past forty years being the only woman in the house, I found my unmentionables were not welcome to hang any where else!

Never put your undies in the dryer! The constant tumbling in such high heat will destroy the elastic and nylon fibers found in most women’s undergarments. This heat will shorten the life expectancy of your clothes in a big way and can cause structured items such as under-wire bras to become permanently pushed out of shape.

Other Uses For Mesh Laundry Bags

In addition to protecting delicate items while machine washing, I use the mesh laundry bags to wash

  • Shower Scrubbies
  • Hair Ties and Scrunchies
  • Cleaning Brushes


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