Counter Height Kitchen Tables For Small Kitchens

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Kitchen Tables For Small Kitchens

If your kitchen is the busiest room in the house, the kitchen table is probably the center of most of the activity.  Kitchen tables are sometimes the heart of the home.  From hurried breakfasts, casual lunches, and family dinners, to the pain of homework and the joy of game night, memories are made at the kitchen table.  Having a table that meets everyone’s needs can be a challenge if you’re trying to fit a great table into a small space.

If your kitchen has limited work space, a counter height table with stools for two and convenient storage shelves will make a very special addition to a busy corner. 

Counter Height Kitchen Tables

If you want to increase the amount of counter height working space in a small kitchen, a counter height kitchen table set is a great way to spread out.  If the space available to put a dining set is limited, there is no shortage of options for a counter height table and either chairs or stools.  Wood tables with upholstered stools come in chic contemporary finishes and colors or very cozy farmhouse distressed wood.

Dining Room Or Kitchen

If your kitchen has limited space, a counter height table with stools for two and convenient storage shelves will make a useful addition to a busy corner.  Perhaps you have wall space but not much depth.  Then you might try a long and narrow counter height table with slender padded bar stools.  A counter height table and four upholstered chairs in the dining room can easily become the center for cozy family dinners or large holiday gatherings.

The kitchen table sees a lot of action. Therefore, you want to be sure it’s made of material that’s going to stand up to the activity.  A solid wood kitchen table in a finish that compliments your kitchen also needs to be washable, and withstand the ravages of a toddler and the cast off of pre-school arts and crafts.  It’s a messy room.  That table needs to be strong enough to withstand the pressure.  It’s the busiest room is the house!

Solid Wood Kitchen Tables

Certainly, most of us have achieved some level of expertise in furniture assembly by the time we graduate college.  But a sturdy, solid wood kitchen or dining room table might put the woodworking skills to the ultimate test.   But it’s worth it!  It’s no different than anything else you have ever assembled – just heavier because it’s solid wood.  It’s solid to keep making memories long after cheaper tables would have ended up in the trash.

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