The Outsider By Stephen King

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Stephen King – Master Story Teller

The Outsider by Stephen King weaves a story about a horribly gruesome murder that leads police and private investigators to discover that one child’s murder is not the first time this killer has done the impossible.

What happens when multiple neighbors and friends identify a well known and beloved member of the community as the murderer of a child? But,  just as many witnesses place him without a doubt, many miles away at the time of the murder?  Chaos, tension, suspicion and sometimes more death.

Terry Maitland, Little League coach, teacher, father, friend – could he really have brutally assaulted and murdered an eleven year old boy?  Witnesses will testify he was right there in neighborhood at the time of the murder.  Witnesses will testify they saw him in blood stained clothes.  Blood evidence places him at the scene of the crime.  But, other witnesses will testify that it was not possible for Terry Maitland to be the killer.  Because he was with them.  One man in two different places at the same time.  Impossible but true.

The Outsider by Stephen King – Is This Possible?

The investigation should be over when a prime suspect is assassinated on the courthouse steps. But, it really is just the beginning of a search for a serial killer who might not really exist. While the local police insist they have the killer, others are convinced the real killer is still at large and they are determined to put an end to the evil.  Is this a case of a brutal murderer masquerading as a small community’s ideal citizen or has a serial killer been lurking in their midst?

The Outsider by Stephen King – Copyright 2018


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