Elf On The Shelf GI Jane Ready For Deployment

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Elf On The Shelf

If you are familiar with the ‘Elf On The Shelf’, you know there are many elves that appear in homes around the world helping people welcome in the winter holiday season. Some stories about elves seem quite magical. It has been said that these elves are sent to our homes by Santa Claus. The elves are thought to bounce from place to place in a home. Then they share stories of their visit with Mr. Claus.

GI Jane Ready For Deployment

One elf has been given a special mission this year. Special Elf On The Shelf, GI Jane is going to be deployed to a secret location in hopes of bringing holiday fun and cheer to one particular soldier.

Because it’s a top secret mission, no one knows where Jane will be spending the holidays. But before she meets her soldier, she has decided to visit his home and spend a little bit of time getting to know the soldier’s family and friends.

Jane will have pictures of her visit, and is hoping to share them with her soldier to brighten his time away. Elf Jane has been issued appropriate accessories for her trip around the world, including some very chunky, custom made boots!

Elf On The Shelf Meets Family And Friends

This is a special assignment that Jane is truly looking forward to sharing with her soldier. She has enjoyed special dinners with his family and friends. Jane also loved playing around in the grape vines in the beautiful fall weather.

Things got a little tangled up when she tried to chase the ball through the basketball hoop. For the most part, family pets were fun to play with. There was a brief encounter with a kitty named ‘Stormy’ but they became good friends before the day was over.

It was fun to watch the birds with kitty, Luna and ride the straw turkey! She met pumpkins who aspire to be Jack O’Lanterns and really big rubber rats on the fireplace mantle. They all made Jane feel welcome and festive!

Most of Santa’s elves don’t get the opportunity to enjoy pre-Christmas events. So seeing the decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving added to Jane’s enjoyment while preparing to leave for her special destination.

Elf GI Jane Ready To Travel

In order to arrive at her top secret location in time for the winter holidays, Elf On The Shelf GI Jane has donned her custom travel cape and is now on her way to meet her special soldier!


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