Favorite Cat Names and Breeds

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What’s The Best Name For Your Cat

Do you want to find the best name for your cat?  Do you want to read about favorite cat names and breeds before you adopt one?  Check out the best cat name list on the Internet! At Cats Online you can view the coolest, unique, and best cat names based on popularity, gender, color and breed.

Here at Better Living Magazine, we work with one kitty on the keyboard and another one hanging off the cat tree.  Everyone knows life is better with a cat. Therefore, it must be twice as nice with two!  For those pondering the breed of cat that would best fit their lifestyle, it’s a good idea to know as much as possible about cat breeds and their traits.  Just as important is finding the right name for your feline friend.

What’s In A Cat Name?

You wouldn’t want to name a hairless cat ‘Fluffy’ would you?  Hmm, maybe I would.  Or the enduring ‘Spot’?  Favorite cat breeds and the names that suit their personality might surprise the novice cat person.

Is A Cat Name Important?

Do cats come when you call their name?  Mine do.  Miss Mia will ignore a random ‘pspspsps’ but perks up at the sound of her name.  If you’re trying to find the best name for your new Orange Tabby cat, Cats Online can help you narrow it down by gender, color, and breed.

Blaze, without a doubt is going to be this year’s favorite cat name for the ever-popular Orange Tabby.

Favorite Cat Names and Breeds

Munchkins, a little known breed of cat with very short legs, might not be amused at being called ‘Shorty’ but I think ‘Smallz’ would be really cute and catchy.  Before you jump in and find the cat that is willing to adopt you, do some research into the traits and characteristics of purebreds and browse the suggestions for the perfect name for your new best friend.  And while you’re there, check  out the Pet Birth Certificates available to make the adoption occasion even more memorable.

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