Mega Ball Covers For Dogs

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Do Mega Ball Covers Make Balls Last Longer

Mega Ball Covers can make a Mega Ball last longer even when a 60 pound Collie Blue Healer mix thrashes it around the yard.   Here’s what you need to make it work:

Milo And Big Ball
Mega Ball Goes Inside Mega Ball Cover

We put the Jolly Mega Ball Cover to the test with Milo and the Horseman’s Pride Mega Ball.  The ball outlasted Milo’s bashing, gnashing, and relentless pouncing.  But, the very interesting test was replacing the sturdy, heavy duty ball with an ordinary 24 inch, helium quality balloon.

Yes, an ordinary, helium quality balloon!

Milo And Big Ball
Milo And Big Ball

We inserted an ordinary, 24 inch, helium quality balloon into the Mega Ball Cover.  We used a medium size electric air pump to inflate the balloon.  (very, very carefully) We allowed the balloon to, very slowly, fill the ball cover.  Did Milo have as much fun with the balloon in the cover?  Absolutely!  Did the balloon last as long as the Mega Ball?   Surprisingly, the balloon lasted much longer than we hoped for!

In the end, it was  just the life expectancy of a balloon that made it deflate after about 10 days.  Inside the Mega Ball Cover, the balloon did not pop under pressure or from puncture of a sharp object ( have you seen Milo in action??)

Milo is a young, very active dog.  At almost 2 years old, his greatest love is chasing a ball in his own backyard.  His passion is a ball launcher but if you throw a gigantic ball into the mix, he cannot resist the challenge of getting that big ball under his control.

How Strong Is A Ball Cover

Big ball repair
Milo Waits For Repair

After about four months we had to take needle and thread to tighten up some of the seams on the ball cover.  This damage was the result of Milo’s very energetic grabbing and shaking the cover.  But after adding a few tight stitches, the ball is back in action!

Mega Ball Covers – Is This A Horse Ball?

The Horseman’s Pride Jolly Mega Ball is advertised as a horse ball,  but, you don’t need a horse.  Many dog owners have tried tossing the yard ball out there, hoping for at least an hour of entertainment for the kids or the dog only to be met with embarrassing disappointment when the ball silently or violently crushes everyone’s dreams with a ‘poof’ while encountering a random twig.

This Ball Cover will allow you to entertain your dog and your children longer than a standard, naked yard ball.

What Do You Need

  • Mega Ball Cover
  • Mega Ball

While nothing lasts forever, sometimes maintenance is the answer to longevity.  We monitor Milo’s activity and discourage him from too much aggression focused just on the cover.  As soon as we noticed the wear on a seam, we stitched it up.   After 6 months of frolicking and guided fun,  our Mega Ball Cover is still providing energy, fun and excitement for Milo and friends.   The Horseman’s Pride Jolly Mega Ball has outlasted the ordinary balloons in intense play and the Ball Cover is to credit.  If the cover can allow an ordinary helium quality balloon last for days, imagine how long the heavy duty ball might last!

Tips For Success

An ideal amount of air in the ball will fill out the ball cover so that it closes fully and fills out the shape so the seams are not easily grabbed and pulled.

Big ball velcro opening
Too Much Air
  • Do not over fill the ball/balloon – the Velcro closure should be well aligned
  • Fill to even out seams on ball cover
  • Use electric air pumps only with gentle, intermittent power
Big ball velcro opening
Good closure

The Horseman’s Pride Jolly Mega Ball comes with a foot pump, an air plug, and a plug removing tool.  In our experience, all are essential for maintaining a rewarding experience for a healthy dog.

Milo And Big Ball

Why choose a super ball over a balloon?

  • Mega Ball lasts longer
  • Mega Ball is heavy duty

The Mega Ball is designed for something a little larger than our 60 pound Milo.  Milo’s bouts of energy are sometimes explosive as you can see, so for him, the heavy duty ball is best.  The heavy duty balloon can provide a lighter weight ball for smaller dogs and children.


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