Are Sloggers Comfortable?

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Are Sloggers Comfortable?

Sloggers might be the most comfortable footwear you can find for gardening or heavy duty yard work. Sloggers can handle the job whether you have a suburban green patch or acres of grass, garden or farm!

  • Garden
  • Farm
  • Yard Work
  • Walk In The Park

What Are Sloggers?

Sloggers are a brand of shoes and boots designed for all day comfort in any season, any weather.  They have an extra thick, molded insole that will keep your feet cushioned and comfortable while you garden, cut grass or toss bales of hay.

Are Sloggers Waterproof?

Both Slogger shoes and boots are made from soft, flexible, waterproof material making them perfect for:

Cutting Grass – Keep your feet dry and free of grass stains while you mow.  The heavy tread on Sloggers give you comfort and stability on slippery slopes.

Weeding Gardens – If you work in the dirt, Sloggers will keep your feet clean and dry – leaving the dirt in the garden

Raking Leaves – There’s always a surprise or two under the leaves! Keep them out of your boots with Sloggers!

Farm Activities – Dirt, dust, weeds, pets, farm animals … you need Sloggers!

Walk In The Park – Sloggers are perfect for comfort and stability.

Are Sloggers Comfortable In Rain And Snow?

Slogger boots are solidly made with the sole of a real work boot that will keep your feet dry and provide stability and support through rain, snow, mud and piles of leaves.

What Size Will Fit?

Sloggers come in standard, full sizes.  For in between sizes, you can make any shoe one half size smaller with a half sizer insole.

Where Are Sloggers Made?

Sloggers are made in the USA.

Sloggers Recycle Program

I can’t imagine my Sloggers ever wearing out but, the company offers a Reuse and Recycle program aimed at encouraging customers to return their used boots or shoes.  Sloggers will grind them up and put them back into a new pair.


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