Mia’s Story

Mia’s Story – From Rescue to Happily Ever After

Mia, happy rescue cat in her forever home
Meet Mia

Pandemic, pandemic … means nothing to me – must be a human thing.

In Spring of 2020 I was seven years old and suddenly I found myself behind bars.  I don’t know what I did wrong.  I never hiss; I never bite. I eat whatever appears in my dish.  And yet, my owners chose to take me to a rescue facility stating I was being bullied by the family dog.  It was the dog who was out of line but I was the one who got dumped.

I think I got lucky.   I was a pretty kitty, apparently in need of rescuing.  GMom and Miss Effie came to my rescue even amidst the pandemic (whatever that is ).  Big Daddy I still keep at a distance.  I keep wondering if he knows it was me who did that naughty stuff when I first went through his room.

I should have been more selective I suppose but when you get tossed out of your home and into a place with so many different smells, it’s just so confusing!  And then, BOOM, they add another cat!  And then, BOOM that dog.  Mind blown!  I keep wondering what’s next!

I love GMom because she never forces me to do anything I don’t want to do. ( except tossing me into the cat carrier when all else fails to get vaccinations or nail trimming ) .  She never chases me.  She waits for me to tell her what I want.

If I want to interact with you, I will.  Otherwise , leave me alone or I will pee on your bed, in your shoes, on your favorite whatever.

Oh, and that other feline, Luna … whatever.  I put her in her place as soon as she arrived.  I’m still not happy I have to share the cat pan and my toys with her. And the dog, Milo?  Whatever.  He tries to push me around sometimes and he just won’t take a mild hiss as a warning but he pretty much stays out of my way.

I’m happy here in my forever home.  You know where to find me if I want you to find me. Whatever.