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The writers and photographers at Better Living Magazine provide information about products, places and ideas that can make life better.  We believe quality in every aspect of living is usually better than quantity.

Better Living Magazine provides insight about the products we’ve used and places we’ve visited.  Our writers present projects and ideas that help us as we move toward a more Earth sensitive life-style.

Life is better when we stop fighting Nature and learn to live with her.

We occasionally publish sponsored articles (we receive payment for publishing an article on our site).  Outgoing links to products or places are generally affiliate links. That means if you purchase something you find after clicking on a link in Better Living Magazine, we may earn a commission on qualified sales at no additional cost to you. In addition, we display advertising provided by Google, Amazon and other similar sites.

That’s how this site earns money to pay the rent.

Regardless of what we are writing about, we strive to be genuine and transparent, and 100% objective with the information and ideas we share with our readers.

We are not experts on anything.

Live Better, Be Well, Be Happy, Be Content!