Stop Cat Scratching Damage

Mia resting cat scratching bed

Just as you cannot stop the changing of the ocean tide, you cannot stop a cat from scratching.  Stretching, scratching, kneading - it's part of being a cat. That doesn't mean you have to put up with  cat-scratched furniture, walls or carpets!  You can stop cat scratching damage done to your home.


Yak Dog Chews From Milk Products

yak cow milk dog chew

I love chewing on an old tree branch, GMom's old socks or any cardboard box. But the yak dog chews are the best!  No mess, no splinters in my tongue and nothing to meddle with my insides.  One bar lasts for days and you won't find pieces of a yak bar in the grass on 'poop the yard' day.

Litter Champ For Pet Waste

Litter Champ Pet Waste Disposal

What is that smell? The Litter Champ never leaks smelly poop odor and it sits right next to my litter pan.  GMom doesn't even have to touch it - she just presses the bar with her foot and the lid opens and closes and the poop is gone!

Protect Wood Floors With Rubber Table Leg Tips

Milo and Luna Dining Room Table

GMom found rubber table leg tips that are a perfect fit for the dining room table. So now, it takes a lot more effort from me to move that table. It just does not slide anymore! It’s been a little quieter during zoomie time without me and the dining room table aquaplaning and skidding into the walls.