Luna’s Story

Luna, happy rescue kitty in her forever home
Meet Luna

Luna’s Story – From Rescue to Happily Ever After

I was just walking around the rescue, the only place I knew since I was born in April, 2020 .  Suddenly, I got scooped up by a lady who grabbed me and said, ‘there she is’.  She hugged me, stuffed me into a bag and suddenly I was ‘ home’. And here I am.  I am a svelte, black cat with black fur, black nose, black every part of me except for about less than a dozen white bits of fur.

Don’t let that picture fool you. I am a good kitty. I have been dressed in doll clothes, trapped in frilly, fluffy stuff I can’t even identify. I do not hiss, scratch or resist.

In the beginning, it was me and another cat named Mia.  She was so rude in the beginning but after I showed her the error of her ways, things began to level off.  In time, I was able to make an appearance,  step out and demand equal brush time, swat away Mia’s bare claws as we circled for dinner, and refuse to stand down as she attacked me in the dark while all the humans slept.

Then came the dog, Milo.  Mia became a ghost.  What a coward. I was alone. Alone in the basement with another cat who for no apparent reason hated me and where three cat pans would never suffice.  I had to snap that juvenile canine into shape, teach him to give us some space and show some respect. I was not going to stand by and let the two of us be damned to the basement no matter how worthless Mia appeared to be.

Easy peasy.  Dogs, they are such a toy to be played with.  I doubt Milo and I will ever be pals but he is fun to tease – as long as I can make it to the highest level of the cat tree!

Our humans love all of us! GMom is the force that contains us.  She sees right through me – sometimes she is like, no fun!  Big Daddy wants to hug me, hold me and then see how long I can hold off the advances of that clumsy canine.  Miss Effie is my go-between.  She likes nothing better than to scoop me up, drag me into her lair and listen to me purr.  I have outgrown all her doll’s clothes so I don’t have to worry about that trauma anymore.

And Mia? She moves aside now when I stroll past.  Life is good.