Milo’s Story

Milo, happy rescue dog in his forever home
Meet Milo

Milo’s Story – From Rescue to Happily Ever After

Hi! My name is Milo … usually.  Sometimes I answer to Mr. Barks-a-Lot or Mr. Fluffy Butt (after a bath). I was born in Tennessee in February, 2021.  My mother is a Blue Heeler and my dad is a Collie just like Lassie.  I am told I am very unique!  I am a rescue dog who got very, very lucky.

Even during challenging times, being a purebred seems to be desirable to humans.  I am such a mix that most people can’t even guess at my blood line.

I came to my forever home in early Summer of 2021 from a rescue organization and it’s been such fun ever since I arrived! What else could it be with two cats and a dog?

GMom ( everyone else calls her ‘Grammy” ), told me I came to Pennsylvania with my sister, Missy.  She was adopted before me. I hope she is as happy as I am with my forever family.  Life is good when what you have is what you want and just a little bit more than what you need.

My family is Big Daddy, who just wants to joust around all the time, Effie, my best friend ever, GMom who makes the kitchen smell so good, the queen cat, Mia who only likes GMom, and Luna, my sometimes unwilling playmate and partner in  mischief.  Together, we make the fur fly!