Mega Ball Covers For Dogs

Milo and mega ball

We put the Jolly Mega Ball Cover to the test with Milo and the Horseman’s Pride Mega Ball.  The ball outlasted Milo’s bashing, gnashing, and relentless pouncing.  But, the very interesting test was replacing the sturdy, heavy duty ball with an ordinary 24 inch, helium quality balloon.


Yak Dog Chews From Milk Products

yak cow milk dog chew

I love chewing on an old tree branch, GMom's old socks or any cardboard box. But the yak dog chews are the best!  No mess, no splinters in my tongue and nothing to meddle with my insides.  One bar lasts for days and you won't find pieces of a yak bar in the grass on 'poop the yard' day.

Creamy Lickable Cat Treat

squeezable cat treat

If you have a finicky cat, the best treat is the one they come running for and actually eat.  Yes, cats can be as fussy with treats as they are with their dinner.  So, when I find a treat they really like, I want to make sure I have plenty on hand.